Oona Eisenstadt, Associate Professor of Relgious Studies at a liberal arts college in California.  Canadian.  Mother of one;  step-mother of two.  Writes on Continental Philosophy, Judaism, and Children’s Literature.

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  2. Thank you for smoking! Finally somebody bold enough to not be ashamed of enjoying a simple pleasure and practicing temperance. (Read your post on Front Porch Republic.)

  3. I appreciate the way what Andy and Charles say about ‘speaking truth to power’ (oi) is not the maxim that our favourite Blogger follows when dealing with the Palin perversion… the logic of which she and ZP have laid out brilliantly.
    A time for ironising, a time for ‘des propos sérieux’.

  4. Hey,

    I know you did a review for Lippert’s Hall of Elders Crossing, was hoping you might take a look at mine.

    I don’t claim to be as good an author as JK Rowling or even Normal Lippert, but I had a story to tell and I tried my best to tell it. It’s about James Potter, but it’s Harry’s dad, not Harry’s son. The marauder era :)

    The website is http://www.jamespotterproject.com, and there’s also a youtube preview out for it at the link here:

    I hope you consider taking a look at it. Thank you, and I enjoy reading your blog!

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