Andy takes care


5 thoughts on “Andy takes care

  1. Hello Oonae,

    I tried to leave a comment after your Mar. 23, 2008 post about Seuss & the Arabs, but it didn’t get printed.

    Somewhere, I read that “Oona,” as in the name of Eugene O’Neill’s daughter, is Irish Gaelic for “Agnes.”
    However, in Etruscan, “Uni” meant “Juno,” and “Unial”
    meant “pertaining to Juno,” just as the Latin “Jovial” means “pertaining to Jove.” (There’s an ancient inscription where Herakles is referred to as “Unial clan,” which means “Juno’s son.” in Etruscan.)

    Here in Iowa, we have “RAGBRAI,” an annual bike ride across the state, in July. I mentioned on my blog, today, Albert Einstein’s comment that life is like riding a bike.

  2. Did you see Doonesbury’s series of six pictures, yesterday, yclept “A Banker’s Progress?” it reminds
    me of Hogarth’s 8-picture series, “The Rake’s Progress.”

    Your comments about “integrity” remind me of an essay titled, “The Luxury Of Integrity,” which is a chapter of Stuart Chase’s 1931 book, “The Nemesis of American Business.” I read that essay in an anthology that was the text for an English class I took at Iowa State, in the fall of 1950.

  3. Kyla, you’re reminding me of Meg’s explanation of why I’m not dean material. She said: you speak your mind, and then you’re open to listening and changing it. Deans keep silent, and then they don’t change their minds.

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