Boring, stupid

It hasn’t been that I’m too busy to blog.  It’s been that chairing is making me into a boring, stupid person who has no interest in anything real and whom I hate.

Not to say I’m not busy.  In fact, I’ve discovered the meaning of the word busy — it’s been one of my few insights this semester.  I used to wonder why people said “I’m too busy” to do something that would take two minutes.  Now I understand.  It’s because you have sixty two-minute tasks awaiting you as soon as your turn your mind to tasks.  In this state you don’t even prioritize.  You just do whatever’s in front of you until you stop and take some leisure, and then you go on.  Lots of small things just don’t get done.

Here’s something I’ve been looking for.  A piece on the fact that Canadian universities don’t hire their own graduates.  They want Harvard, Yale, Princeton, or Oxbridge.  And, okay, sometimes UofT.  What this piece does not say is why, but that doesn’t take much brains.  They’re parochial, small minded, inferiority-complexed, resentful, and petty.


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