Translations from Californese: An occasional series, starring Andy



6 thoughts on “Translations from Californese: An occasional series, starring Andy

  1. I thought “East Coast” meant “the midatlantic region, specifically NY, DC, and things that touch either of those two.”

  2. I’m from the East Coast, Andy. That might be why we get along so well, do you think? Did you know that for Easterners “West Coast” means two different things? Either Nature (pre-civilization) or Hollywood (the simulacrum of civilization). Maybe that’s why we’ve ended up out here, Andy. I heard Eila’s Mom say we’re both simulacra.

  3. ya, it’s like the “south”. until the end of my first year at stanford i was convinced that if you drew a line aournd the u.s.’s belt line, everything below it was the south. “ahhh,” said my professor, “the canadian view”.

    the other thing about the east coast is that while culturally i might align southern ontario with the american east, this doesn’t take account of the maritimes which are really and actually the east coast. so yanks think of ontario as the east which it really isn’t.

    hey! btw, there’s an edition on “this american life” which is called “who is canadian?” you can buy it for 95 cents on itunes.

  4. That’s right: the American phrase “East Coast” includes Southern Ontario, while for Canadians the “East Coast” is the Maritimes.

    Wait. Are we missing something here? In between East and East? Oh yes, Quebec! No wonder they hate us.

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