I’m very busy:  trying to get two papers written for delivery at the end of the month and prepare for the summer.  I would guess most people are busy at the moment.  But right now I have a singular complaint.  The day before I’m hosting a birthday for twelve children at my house is NOT a good time for the construction guys to break a gas main, leaving me with no hot water and no stove.


4 thoughts on “Bleh

  1. I actually get that joke! But, yeah, I think I’m going to have to throw out some meat because of not being able to cook it. So… sue for 25$?

  2. Oh, man! That blows, and I’m relieved to use the word only in its metaphorical sense. How is this going to go down in family lore… “The year the college blew up my birthday party”? “The birthday party where my mum gave everyone food poisoning”? “The year we had my birthday party at the Tropical Lei”?

    (Admit it — you’ve got one of those. For me — and it was my sixth, too — it was “The year my birthday picnic in May involved a foot of snow but my father insisted on persevering.”

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