Canadian English part 1

Canadians, did you know that Americans pronounce the past tense of shine to rhyme with own? Can you believe this? Today the sun shines, yesterday the sun shown? To me this sounds so wrong that the first few times I heard it I assumed I was dealing with an ignoramus. The very first time was on TV, in George Carlin’s narration of Thomas the Tank Engine, and I figured what does George Carlin know? But this past week I’ve discovered the awful truth. All Americans mispronounce this word.

I guess that idea could be expressed more generously, eh? But I can’t bring myself to do it. I can’t even tell you how nuts hearing shown drives me. Flo Gibson, narrating The Jungle Books, keeps telling me that the sun shown down on Mowgli’s village and it is almost wrecking The Jungle Books for me – which is hard to do.


3 thoughts on “Canadian English part 1

  1. FWIW, “shone” sounds weird to my American ear as well, but it’s apparently grammatical, along with “shined,” according to my dictionary (American). I never thought about this particular verb before. What do you Canadians do with the past tense of “dive”? Is it “dove” or “dived”?

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