Andy adds a complaint



8 thoughts on “Andy adds a complaint

  1. No whingeing about full-fat yogurt; just go to any of the zillion Middle Eastern groceries that surround us. (They also sell Mountain High in the supermarkets, but that’s substandard.)

  2. There’s full-fat yogurt at TJ’s, too. And you can get a real milkshake at Bert & Rocky’s. And there are doughnuts all over the place in California — the place on Foothill near In-n-Out is pretty decent.

    I don’t even know what pepperettes ARE.

  3. and smarties?! like the little concave disks of solidified powder sugar? Just because they might not have them in the Coop doesn’t mean the country is devoid of them.

  4. My friends, thank you. I wouldn’t have made my complaints public: they aren’t that big a deal. But now that Andy’s shot off her big mouth, I will say a few things.

    1. What I can get in Canada is full-fat fruit-bottom yoghurt in little tubs. It’s lovely stuff. Yes I could buy good yoghurt here and put the fruit in myself, but I would like to be able to buy a little tub of already made, firm (not mushed up) yoghurt with peach preserves on the bottom.

    2. A drinkable milkshake? Really? Because the one Andy was trying to drink was from In and Out, and I’ve had the same problem at the Coop. I’ll keep looking.

    3. Doughnuts, eh? Next you’ll be telling me I can get bagels here. I *know* I can get things *called* doughnuts. Clearly the pride Southern Ontarian Canadians take in their doughnuts (and the fact that there is a doughnut shop on every corner there) is unknown in the rest of the world.

    4. Pepperettes are sticks of dried pepperoni for snacking on. A cold cut. Like, and yet unlike, your American beef jerky.

    5. Sean no, not those. British Empire Smarties. They’re like your M&Ms, but much better. Like Coffee Crisp, which is also a chocolate bar, they are not for sale in this country.

  5. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Awesome Canadian in-joke! Too good for just lol-ing.

    American donuts have nothing on our maple-dipped doughnuts, especially accompanied by a large double double if you know what I mean.

    I freaking love pepperettes but especially because they were the first pork products I ate so they always taste like sin to me. I don’t understand the milkshake point but sometimes you can get slushies at the Sev here, if you can find a Sev. (7-11)

    I have leftover frozen Montreal and Gryfe’s bagels in the dept fridge if you want to take them home….

    What I like in the US better are popsicles and also really In’n’Out. Not to be surpassed, notwithstanding Xian allegiances.

  6. I recently had all four of my wisdom teeth removed. The only thing that’s been able to keep me sane is a constant barrage of Frosties. The soothing texture and chocolaty deliciousness is second to none.

  7. No offense to you slushie and frosty fans, but what Andy wants is a milkshake that is less thick, while still being milkshakey. The shakes we get here don’t come through the straw until they melt down a bit, and by then they are warm.

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