Of kings

I’ve usually been appalled by the violence and ignorance of Canadian anti-Americanism:  Canada is not all that much better, despite any fairy tales told you by Michael Moore – and the smug, thoughtless, ideological blaming of everything on the behemoth to the South is inexcusable.  Or so I thought.

But this last semester, with Eila in a California Kindergarten, I’ve been watching the way American children are educated.  Even in elementary school, they talk a lot about their war of independence, and kids can’t help but pick up a few basic principles.  Like: Britain is not a democracy.  And:  monarchy is incompatible with democracy.  And even:  the British are our enemies.

I see the residue of these principles even in my adult American friends.  And suddenly I’m not feeling so bad about our knee-jerk anti-Americanism.


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