More words

They talk differently in California.  Eila says that her teachers say “two-thousand one” instead of “two-thousand and one.”  And my students pronounce aunt and Kant to rhyme with haunt instead of pant.

But there are three words I have never known how to pronounce.  Geyser, paean, and Vercingetorix.  Sometimes I find out how to say them but I always forget right away.  (This also happens to me with the rules of cricket.)  When I write papers for delivery I am careful not to use these words.


2 thoughts on “More words

  1. Does Levinas (whom I recently heard referred to as “la-VEE-nuzz,” at a conference no less) talk much about Vercingetorix, er, Vurr-sin-GET-a-rix? If so, take two volumes of Asterix & Obelix and call me in the morning.

    As for paeans, I have no patience for them in any case. Which is precisely what one *must* have for geysers.

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