Wine in plastic

In a recent TLS, J.C. advises us to “leave the party rather than accept wine from a plastic cup.”  What would my mother say?  I think she would say that while it might sometimes be alright, for reasons of politeness or thirst, to lay aside the rule not to accept wine in plastic, the rule not to serve wine in plastic is sacrosanct.  Politeness is an excellent reason to violate conventional rules, and thirst is a good reason.  Convenience is no reason at all.

This heady combination (J.C., my mother, wine) is reminding me that last week I ran across another of those people who don’t drink, “because I am a Christian.”  I’ve always been meaning to figure out how these Christians understand the wedding at Cana.  Presumably they believe Jesus was just making the wine, not drinking it.  But still.


2 thoughts on “Wine in plastic

  1. Wine in plastic is definitely better than no wine at all. Why not wine in plastic? I think we should return to those huge bronze urns that everyone drank from in ancient times except we could each have our own. L’Chaim!

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