“Social construction” your days are numbered

Excuse me, I have to write a paper.  Meanwhile, check this out.  Its funny and kind of interesting too.


3 thoughts on ““Social construction” your days are numbered

  1. ah how powerful the hero myth can be. it saddened me in a way, to realize that the great man theory was pretty much kaput.

    the highest aspiration left is to be a strong voice in a crowd? and in a crowd saying what? something no one will care about in a decade?

    i think we (people not quite in grad school) will end up doing a lot of excavating of those “big theory” texts once they’ve died and gone away and nobody is using the buzzwords when we realize (perhaps as Darryl would say) that we still have use and need for “strategic points of objectivity”. It may all be bullshit, but if you sweep it all out, you get a bunch of whiny angsty grad students (which is a double whammy right?).

  2. Clearly, the answer to this is simply to write a wonderful, Stuart Hall-y piece about how this very website constructs the identities of those who view it in bad and scary and … and … JUST PLAIN HEGEMONIC ways.

    In good academic form, having formulated the idea, I leave the legwork to others.

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