Learning outcomes later (aka lol)

Heads up dudes!

I just got out of a meeting with the administrator who’s helping us formulate our “learning outcomes.”  I have a much better idea now of what this endeavor is all about.  And here’s the thing.  You have to be careful when you write your LOs.  You will eventually be asked to produce evidence, by way mostly of assigned essay topics or perhaps a summary of a body of student work, that you have tried to achieve them — that you have tried to achieve these specific goals.  So don’t include as one of your goals that you… say, teach students to contextualize the stuy of text in the study of material culture — not unless you can show essay topics in which ask them to.  Don’t include ’em if you don’t assign ’em.


One thought on “Learning outcomes later (aka lol)

  1. Mmm, “learning outcomes.” I’m actually in charge of this here, and the thing that never ceases to amaze me is that one can’t use grades as assessment tools. (Or, at least, one can use grades on individual assignments, but not grades for courses — because learning outcomes are the results of assignments, and not courses.)

    Have you learned the difference between “goals” and “objectives” yet?

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