Large hadron rap

California is great;  my students are smart;  I love my new digs;  the residence halls are not too, too noisy (as yet);  and I am so busy I’d forgotten that a person could be this busy.

I hope I’ll have time eventually to blog more than links, but in the meantime check this out.  Some scientists say that when this experiment succeeds it will create a tiny black hole that will suck us all in.  Most scientists say that’s rubbish.  I say:  Go most scientists!  Yay you!  Be correct!  Otherwise we have a couple of months to exist.


8 thoughts on “Large hadron rap

  1. So, in the best case scenario, we learn lots of new things about particle physics. In the worst case scenario, the world ends. As “civilians” not much we can do about it either way. So, if the world ends, will it hurt? I mean, will the black hole expand so slowly that global news coverage of the dissappearing world will continue as long as possible? Or will it be like – “boom” – and we are gone. If I have to go, I’d rather it be sort of instantaneous. I can’t find anything on this in the cautionary words of the doomsayers. What would happen???!!!

  2. I wondered exactly the same thing. I’m guessing it’d be quick. But someone has to know — this, at any rate, can’t be a mystery. I’ll keep looking.

  3. I mean, I know it would be a bummer if the world ended, but there would also be certain benefits. It would wipe out all my debt, and I would no longer need to clean my room.
    : )

  4. And now the thing is broken and it’ll be so many more months before they get to the serious collisions. I don’t know how much more dread of these possible routes to the undiscovered country I can take :|

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