We’re just back from our annual trip to Stratford where, because of childcare requirements, I ended up attending only two shows, both musicals, both a little more interesting than I remembered their being.  Cabaret is interesting because it is about people who do not change their lives when the Nazis come to power – two couples do not marry, three people do not leave the country – as a result of which the show struck me this time not so much as post-Brechtian but as a different, plainer kind of social commentary.  (Jake, who is 17, saw it as proto-Moulin Rougian, on which I cannot comment since I found MR both grating and instantly forgettable.)  Music Man is interesting because it’s not quite as god awful as I’d thought.  I’d remembered it being about as bad as Camelot, of which Z once mused:  can you imagine a world in which Camelot didn’t exist?  And can you imagine writers and producers thinking the world would be better if it did?  But in fact MM is an okay show, and the production, which was on point in every way, did the rest.  Once in a while Stratford produces a musical as well one can imagine it being produced.  Their great Fiddler, of course, and last year’s Oklahoma!, and now, sure, I guess, Music Man.  All three miles above the movies.

We fed swans and spent hundreds of dollars at the excellent toy store, as usual.


One thought on “Stratford

  1. Music Man was written by a humble Iowan (Meredith Wilson) and takes place in fictional River City that eerily resembles Mason City, Iowa. I performed it in high school. A quaint story, set in a quaint time and a quaint town. If you’re in the mood, you might not throw up. Kinda like Iowa.

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