Does anyone know…

…how likely it is that a cartop carrier will be stolen on a drive from Southern Ontario to Southern California?  Our plan as it stands is for Z and Jake to drive down in Cary Spider (that’s our car) in mid-August and get our new pad ready for me and Eila, who will fly.  We’ve got a little too much stuff for the trunk, and not enough to make it worthwhile to rent a truck.  But I’m a bit worried that some poor fool of a crook will whip the carrier off the roof in the middle of the Arizona night and carry it away to his lair to crack the locks, not realizing that it’s full of playmobil and underwear.


4 thoughts on “Does anyone know…

  1. I always worry about that with my surfboard but then it doesn’t get stolen. Don’t those tops get locked down?

    Tell your guys that they are welcome to crash chez nous on the way down. We are just 45 minutes out of San Francisco but about seven hours from LA if you take the inland route.

  2. You need the equivalent of those handwritten “No Radio” signs people in New York used to leave in the windows of their parked cars.

    Maybe just fill it with stuff that no one would steal – underwear, yes, Playmobil, maybe – and leave it unlocked or leave the key in the lock.

  3. We have locked bikes in the cartop carriers without problem, but never used a cargo box. Many of them have locks, but nothing is 100% theftproof. You could bring everything inside the hotel room with you each night…

    The no radio sign works only if the thief can read in the dark.

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