Dashing Around

I’m just back from a conference in Montreal and a talk in NYC.  I had a blast in both places.  In Montreal in particular I seem to have refreshed my creative juices.  In fact I spent the hour in Trudeau airport while I was waiting for my flight home writing the beginning of my next paper.  It’s pretty easy on a long leave to lose sight of who you are and why you do what you do.  Now I’m back on track.

The only thing I have to tell you at the moment is:  fly Porter, any chance you get.   True, it only goes to Montreal, Toronto, NYC and a couple of other places.  But if you happen to be flying between those cities, do not hesitate to take it.  The airport at Toronto Island is way more convenient than Pearson (the regular TO airport), access to the island from the Royal York is hitchless and the entire trip takes less than 15 minutes, the Porter lounge has free wireless, and the planes have a ton of leg room, courteous staff, and free wine.   And it was cheap too.  It’s so nice to discover a company that has an idea of what people want and provides it, in lieu of providing all those things that people don’t want (no TV on Porter) that cost so much money.


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