At my desk

I haven’t been blogging much, as I’m involved in a new project I’m really hot for: a longish piece on Christian imagery in two children’s novels.  At first I thought I’d position it for one of the Kids’ Lit journals, but I like it so much I’ve now got it reserved for the JAAR, the official organ of my discipline as they say.  I wrote the piece first and turned to the secondary sources afterwards for footnotes, and of course I found I’d been scooped on some aspects of the argument.  So I’m revising.  It can be good to be scooped.  Your argument’s stronger when people agree with it.  Just as long as they’re not saying exactly the same thing, which thank god they’re not.

So while bloggable thoughts cross my mind — the way I now, in old age, salivate uncontrollably over gorgeous filets of raw red fish, or how I read through the whole TLS article on John Ashbery and didn’t find a single line of poetry that stirred me — I don’t write them up because, hey, the footnotes are boiling over.  Other thoughts are tabled.  Ideas are building on the way children play together, as are other ideas on what I will miss in Southern Ontario when work takes me back to California–rather a long list.  But, today, I’ll leave you with a little piece of gematria, courtesy of Tami, who has worked out my name as follows:

Take OONA, change the first two letters OO to the digits 00, note that N is the 15th letter of the alphabet, and A the 1st, transpose 15 and 1 to 1+5+1, reach 7, and you end up with me, moi! as 007.


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