Life is good

I am going to be a faculty resident!  Yay!

It’s kind of a big job.  It involves living in a small house connected to one of the dorms, organizing and holding–inside said house– programs and parties for students, attending student events, eating in the student cafeteria, sitting on the committee overseeing student affairs, and generally being there for any kid who needs me for any reason.  And, why, you ask, would anyone want to do such a job?  For one thing, it solves my housing problem, giving me a place to live (in Eila’s school district: hooray!).  For another thing, it postpones my fiscal problem for several years, meaning I’ll be able to save money during the gig instead of being pushed way into the red by the exorbitant So Cal housing prices.  Finally, and most importantly, it’ll fill my place with students, which I will enjoy.  Because, odd as it may seem given my general misanthropy and distrust of the human race, I actually like students.  Fun for me!


10 thoughts on “Life is good

  1. You’re perfect for the job. Your old house was a general roosting-place for students anyway (and other waywards — we know who we are). Congratulations!

  2. Hooray, indeed! It’s a fantastic program — I lived in one of those residences for almost three years, and basically had a consistent crew of students who would come watch The Sopranos/Alias/whatever with me each week. It was just fantastic — way above and beyond the fact that that gig made possible the accrual of the downpayment on my condo.

    And the dining hall. You have no earthly idea how much I miss the dining hall.

    One slight cautionary note: you are about to enter mail-related hell. I’ve got advice, if you’d like to hear it — just let me know…

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