Eila is in the junior kindergarten Reading Club, which means that today — the club’s first day — she was taken out of class into a quiet room where she read the assistant teacher two books.  She was explaining it to me over dinner.

Eila:  The club’s just started.  Probably they’ll get us to do more later.
Me:   Yup.
Eila:  That’s okay.  I could read to five grown-ups.  I could read to twenty grown-ups.
Me:   I’m sure you could.
Eila:  They’re like dominos. You push them and, fft, they all fall.
Me:   Grown-ups?
Eila:  Yup.


6 thoughts on “Dominos

  1. Hilarious! This child is wise beyond her years. Adults as dominoes. In contrast to Weebles, of course. Did you grow up with them? If so, you may remember, “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” I always equated Weebles with grown-ups. They were egg-shaped with fixed weights at the bottom. Role models for me, really…

  2. “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down” is the most insidiously catchy jingle of all time. I didn’t have weebles and I didn’t have a TV, but that damn tune runs through my head all the time. I guess I will try to embrace the weeble as the image of maturity. Certainly it’s better than a domino.

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