Coyote, junta, shone, and lasso – these are some of my favourite words, and I have heard them all mispronounced on the radio in the last few weeks.

“Share” is one of those lovely words that mean opposite things, like “cleave.” “Share” means both to hold in common, and to portion out, i.e. to draw together and to divide. Just like “cleave,” now that I come to think of it.


3 thoughts on “Words

  1. Both “share” and “cleave” need help from prepositions in order to achieve this feat — further proof of my axiom that prepositions are where the action is. They’re just too smart to allow themselves to be seen as the command center of the language.

  2. I am reminded of what Rosalind Lefeber once told us, which I believe she’d also said came from Jeffrey Masson (yes, the When Elephants Weep guy) that almost any random selection out of Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary would turn up a word meaning what it meant, and its opposite, and something sexual.

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