Sick kid

Eila was sick yesterday.  I wasn’t too worried about her, since her fever didn’t go over 102, but it was painful to see her all listless and docile.  She might have been like this all the time if she’d been a different kid, but it wasn’t my Eila at all.  Thank god the Mrs. Pepperpot omnibus had arrived in the mail the day before.  Perfect for a sick four-year-old, these stories are short, amusing, and almost entirely undemanding.  (The opposite of Beverly Cleary, who has an emotional reach of Tolstoyan proportions — but more about that in another post.)

Since I wrote about horrible products in the last post, I’ll pay my debt to consumer culture by recommending a few here.  There are good things to buy for four year olds, if only a few.

1. The Klutz book of paper dolls.  Days of fun.

2. Crayola “model magic” sculpting material.  This is the weirdest stuff I have ever tried to sculpt with, but in a good way.

3. Books by Anne Fine.  A while ago we read Bill’s New Frock, and The Angel of Nitshill Road.  Both are excellent, but perhaps slightly beyond Eila’s level.  Yesterday we read The Jamie and Angus Stories.  It’s right at her level and, though it doesn’t measure up to the other two, it’s also pretty good.


4 thoughts on “Sick kid

  1. Hmmmm – now, don’t get me wrong, I think you encourage some marvelous things for Eila, but the 50th anniversary of the invention of Lego (my absolute favourite toy of all time – I once made a mobile rocket launcher with which I dismembered a bunch of the large Lego people, but that’s another story) has got me to thinking. I fear that you have some bias against creative toys of the science/engineering sort.

  2. Eila doesn’t play with her lego. She’s more the playmobil, make-up-stories type. We have various mechanical toys…. I’d be thrilled if she got into them. Maybe she will.

    Thanks Kyla, but I did. I’ve been flat on my back for two days. Sigh.

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