Goo hunkies

Serious stuff in the comments, and serious stuff on my mind. Time to lighten things up, eh?

The argument of the day is that, if you want to have a nice tidy house with a place for everything and everything at least occasionally in its place, you need to have a place you put the little things that have come unglued or lost, that either don’t have a place or would be too tiresome to put in it, in a word (or maybe two words, words coined by my mother, that inveterate coiner of words): a goo hunky.

When I was growing up the goo hunky sat on the kitchen table and contained erasers, rubber bands, pieces of string, and bits that had fallen off toys. When anyone needed anything small, someone would call, “check the goo hunky!”

Here are two goo hunkies from my current residence: one is the toy wagon in Eila’s room, and one is the corner of my desk.




3 thoughts on “Goo hunkies

  1. I’m surprised at the thought that stuff about stuff and where it goes would not be serious stuff – as someone who is seriously challenged when it comes to having a home in which everything has a place. If there is a category of things that “either don’t have a place or would be too tiresome to put in it,” what is to prevent just about everything from falling into that category? To me it *always* seems too tiresome to figure out where the thing goes and to put it there. So the whole house is always threatening to become its own goo hunky. I won’t post a photo to illustrate.

  2. Goo hunky would be a great name for a band. Or a candy bar. Actually, it’d be a really great name for a candy bar. It sounds delicious, a combo of the Big Hunk and the GooGoo Cluster.

  3. Dana, I guess it depends on whether you care. I would go crazy if I didn’t have a basic handle on where things were. And for me the easiest way to know where things are is to have a place for them. But if you don’t need to know the whereabouts of every little thing, or if you can generally remember where you last put them, then that’s great. In fact, I’m sure it’s better form not to care about such minor matters.

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