Oo can has linx?

Meg’s blog is great for lots of reasons, including her good links. The best link yet is this one.

The title is inspired (de-spired?) by the fact that I found myself a few minutes ago, by mistake, on a lolcats website. The lolcat is the essential representation of the malaise of contemporary life: people with too much time on their hands and no idea how to use it. A few years ago such people would potty train their pets. Now they sit at their computers making lolcats.  Picking up a book appears to be beyond their capacities.


4 thoughts on “Oo can has linx?

  1. The worst thing is: I think it’s mostly true. Blogging is also a symptom and representation of the era’s spiritual deformations: each one alone at her desk engaging in “conversation” in lieu of conversation. Without defending it, I’ll point out though that blogging demands literacy while other symptoms of the era, such as text messaging, actively discourage it –and lolcatting precludes it.

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