Back, briefly, at my desk

Eila and I had a fabulous time in California! We got back last night, and tomorrow I fly to Chicago. Next week things will settle down, and I shall blog and send thank you notes to everyone who so wonderful during the Cali trip. Meanwhile, three scattered thoughts.

1. The great discussion stopper in my discipline is “it’s not in the text.” This always means, “what you’re saying is in violation of my dogmatic received opinion.”

2. Continental Air has taken to serving cheeseburgers, only they are not cheeseburgers. They are cheeseburger flavoured doughnuts.

3. Andy says: the Social Science Faculty of McMaster University terminated two Canada Research Chairs. We’re not blaming them for this: probably the government made them do it.  But presumably it was up to McMaster to decide, among all the CRCs, whose contracts exactly should be terminated.  And we’re wondering: did they think at all before they decided to choose two women?


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