They’ve got you coming and going

So about Dumbledore being gay. It’s great and all. But am I the only one thinking that one potential take-home lesson is that being gay leads to a life of miserable lovelessness? That gays are drawn to fascists, and that ethical gays have to spend their lives punishing themselves for it? That JK’s offering us a moral worthy of the morons who condemn the books for satanism? Between Rowling and her opponents, a queer can’t win.


2 thoughts on “They’ve got you coming and going

  1. how about this take-home lesson:
    Gays are powerful, wise, witty, compassionate and magical. They are respected leaders in their fields.

  2. Totally Sandor. I was just muck raking.

    My 16 year old stepson says his friends are all creeped out by Dumbledore being gay. Evidently they haven’t yet learned the lesson you’ve so elegantly stated. They’re going to have to, and if JK helps, good.

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