High falutin kitsch


It’s called the L Tower. It’s high priced condos in Toronto. And it’s designed by Daniel Liebeskind, he of the Jewish wing of the Berlin Museum, the darling of the deconstructionists because he says quasi-philosophical stuff about how in this age of totalization we must make buildings that reflect our anxiety and uncertainty.

It’s a big ole hockey stick and puck.


5 thoughts on “High falutin kitsch

  1. Worse than the waterfront. That building beside it is the Hummingbird Centre. (Or O’Keefe Centre as it was.) Can you believe it?

  2. My opinion of the Jewish Museum design as well as my perception of the value of all of the discussions I’ve engaged in on the Jewish museum has just dropped two points on a ten point scale.

    That is the ugliest design I have ever seen — I think it creates anxiety and uncertainty that it will absolutely be built. I think I may have to reconsider my desire to move to Toronto.

  3. Har! Okay, I give you license to be more suspicious about the worth what you discuss, even when you’re discussing it in my class.

    But in a kind of a roundabout way, reading James Young praise the Jewish wing as Derridean was good for us, since it paved the way for our current healthy disgust.

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