Thank you Michel!

I’ve been listening to Michel Thomas’s CDs to “boost my French,” and I can tell you that the phrases Michel gives you really are the ones you need if you deal with French people. Having visa trouble? Listen for:

Heureusement, il me sera possible de le faire, mais je ne le peux pas aujourd’hui. Aujourd’hui, je ne peux rien faire! Mais il se peut que demain ce me soit possible. Tant pis!

Feeling existential ennui? Try:

Ce n’est pas interessant. D’ailleurs, je n’aime pas le faire. Je n’as pas envie de sortir ou de rester ici.

I’m listening and at the same time time I’m wishing Michel would do one for modern Hebrew. It would have to include phrases like:

“If you don’t move your #@%! shopping cart — the one I am currently bumping rhythmically with my own — I’ll pull out my uzi and let blast, you wimp-assed foreign ignoramus.”


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