Here you go, kiddo



2 thoughts on “Here you go, kiddo

  1. I like the exclamation mark after my name. Maybe I’ll change my name to Andy! — maybe even ANDY! — so that no one confuses me with any other Andy. You changed your name too, didn’t you? I have a more important question, though. Why is the ANDY! show done with photographs? Jake and Emma got a hand-drawn comic. Oops — I hope Eila can’t read this. She doesn’t have a comic of her own yet, though she seems to think the ANDY! show is hers.

  2. Andy doll, it’s high-tech, okay? That’s why it’s called the Andy Show instead of the Adventures of Andy or some dumb-cluck thing like that. It’s not a comic, it’s TV. Post-TV. Techno. Cool. Hip hop now wow. Like, actually drawing is so yesterday. Okay? Anyway I don’t have time any more. Those Jakey comics took a lot out of me.

    I’ll remember about the name change for the next episode.

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