Crazy for puppies

My mother’s bought Eila two books, one about puppies and the other about ponies–no, not just ponies, but little girls and the ponies they own. She says, “you’re going to kill me.” Uh huh.

Eila’s gone wild over the puppy book. She can’t stop looking at it. Plans to get a beagle are firmly laid. Too bad we have no house and no single country of residence.  Let alone space for stables.  I’ve been keeping the pony book under tight wraps.


One thought on “Crazy for puppies

  1. You are making me think about children’s lit & books for children a lot.

    This month’s Harper’s Index:
    Minimum number of books about the Iraq war published in the US so far: 835
    Number of these that are children’s books: 32

    I will be empathizing with Eila’s unfulfilled desire for a dog: I am going to have to cancel my Standard Poodle puppy order since I’ve decided I should go away to do some actual research on my leave.

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