Couple of little things

1. The widget on the side, “this actually happened,” is a tribute to my old friend Sean White. His blog has a sidebar called “things my mother actually says” that always contains the words “don’t be friendly, they might visit.” Glasses raised to said mother, Susan White! Missing you muchly and confusion to our enemies!

2. I’ve just learned the word “mommyblogger.” More power to you, ladies, but I don’t want to be a mommyblogger. Someone warn me if I cross the line, okay? Meanwhile, my kid said so many cute things today I don’t know which to blog about. How about this morning at 7am when she informed us that all rich people were bad?


2 thoughts on “Couple of little things

  1. Her heart’s in the right place, for sure. But Z’s response and mine took a different tack than your hearty “you go girl.” The first thing out of both our mouths was that to most of the world, we would appear rich. An attempt, I guess, to turn what seems to be a budding class consciousness toward social conscience.

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